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To get in touch with Dr Fiona, you can reach her through her clinic website.

Book Information

TITLE: 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS
AUTHOR: Dr. Fiona McCulloch
PUBLISHER: Greenleaf Book Group Press
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 1st Edition (September 20, 2016)
RETAIL PRICE: $18.95 USD $24.95 CAD
ISBN-10: 1626343012
ISBN-13: 978-1626343016
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 5.9 x 1 x 8.9 inches
SHIPPING WEIGHT: 15.2 ounces
PAPERBACK: 312 pages

Book Summary

Author and naturopathic doctor Fiona McCulloch dives deep into the science underlying the mysteries of PCOS, offering the newest research and discoveries on the disorder and a detailed array of treatment options. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common hormonal condition in women. It afflicts ten to fifteen percent of women worldwide, causing various symptoms, including hair loss, acne, hirsutism, irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain, and infertility. 8 Steps to Reverse your PCOS gives you the knowledge to take charge of your health.

Dr. McCulloch introduces the key health factors that must be addressed to reverse PCOS. Through quizzes, symptom checklists, and lab tests, she’ll guide you in identifying which of the factors are present and what you can do to treat them. You’ll have a clear path to health with the help of this unique, step-by-step natural medicine system to heal your PCOS.

Having worked with thousands of people seeking better health over the past fifteen years of her practice, Dr. McCulloch is committed to health education and advocacy, enabling her patients with the most current information on health topics and natural therapies with a warm, empathetic approach.

8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS also includes the following topics:

  • Bisphenol A (BPA) may induce PCOS after a single exposure for two generations onward
  • Insulin resistance is a key component of PCOS, and eating based on the food insulin demand may help women reverse their PCOS
  • One in ten women suffer from PCOS which is related to risks for weight gain, slow metabolism and diabetes and 50% of those don’t know they have it
  • 70% of women with PCOS are considered to be insulin resistant or heavy
  • PCOS also causes distressing cosmetic symptoms including hair growth on the face, hair loss from the head and acne which can result in low self-esteem, depression and anxiety
  • Environmental toxins and genetics have been linked to causing PCOS
  • Women with PCOS have a different reproductive cycle and often hit their reproductive peak later impacting family planning
  • The food insulin demand has a wide range of implications for PCOS, diabetes and weight loss
  • Evidence-based natural medicine and supplements impact autoimmune conditions and thyroid conditions

Interview Information

Having successfully reversed her own PCOS naturally, Dr. McCulloch now practices what she preaches. Her new book, 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS, was released in September 2016. In her new book, and during an interview, she will empower your audience to understand their bodies and restore their own balance. Like her customized clinic approach, she can take into account a patient’s unique symptoms and life stage to offer the most comprehensive treatment. Her thrill of scientific discovery, sound methodology, and passion for teaching has also helped inform the clinical practices of her peers in both naturopathic and conventional medicine. A veteran speaker and easy-to-understand academic, here are some common questions asked of her in interviews you can use with your audience.

Sample Interview Questions

  • What are the main signs are of PCOS and how a woman would know if she has it?
  • What is the best diet is for a woman with PCOS?
  • How PCOS changes through a woman’s lifespan and it looks like in teenagers, reproductive years or after menopause
  • What the different types of PCOS are and how to know which one you have
  • If women with PCOS can get pregnant and what is unique about their reproductive health
  • If there are any supplements or natural treatments that can work for PCOS

Bio For Dr Fiona ND

Dr. Fiona McCulloch, the founder and owner of White Lotus Integrative Medicine has worked with thousands of people seeking better health over the past 16 years of her practice. She is committed to health education, sharing the most current information on health topics, nutrition and natural medicine.

Fiona has published many articles and is a regular contributor to NDNR, one of the leading journals for naturopathic doctors as well as other publications for health professionals. Her popular research-based blog has 30,000 readers per month and her first book “8 Steps To Reverse Your PCOS” will be published on September 20th, 2016 for PCOS Awareness Month.

As a woman with PCOS herself, who struggled for many years with its symptoms, she’s passionate about health education and advocacy  for women with PCOS, and serves on the medical advisory committee of the PCOS Awareness Association and as an expert on She is also a medical advisor to Open Source Health – a women’s health technology platform. The Open Source Health Precision Medicine PCOS Project was started in December 2015 and may be the largest ever project to use state of the art genetic and molecular research, science, evidence-based integrative medicine and technology to help the growing underserved community of women with PCOS.

Fiona also frequently lectures to professionals including naturopathic doctors and integrative medicine clinicians and also to students at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Fiona is a proponent of evidence-based natural medicine and peer-reviews for Natural Standard, an database on evidence-based natural medicine.
Fiona is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (2001) and the University of Guelph (Biological Science/Molecular Biology and Genetics).

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Editorial Reviews: 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS

When it comes to managing PCOS symptoms, knowledge is power. For women with PCOS, Dr. Fiona McCulloch's Groundbreaking new book is a wealth of this immediately applicable information that can make a difference in learning to manage their symptoms. Dr. McCulloch has interpreted all of the latest PCOS research and applied her own knowledge and expertise to create an easy-to-read, comprehensive resource. This brilliant Book is the must-have guidebook for any woman who wants to manage her PCOS with a holistic lifestyle approach. Dr. Fiona can certainly be counted among the great PCOS medical experts, such as Dr. Walter Futterweit and Dr. Samuel Thatcher, who have blazed a trail of empowerment for the PCOS patient.
Amy Medling
Author: Healing PCOS & founder of PCOS Diva
Dr. Fiona's eagerly awaited book on PCOS is everything I hoped it would be: comprehensive and insightful.
Dr. Lara Briden
Author: The Period Repair Manual
8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS is a detailed, engaging, and practical approach to the very complex issue of PCOS that it is easy to understand. Dr. Fiona puts each piece of the PCOS puzzle in place to provide a truly complete answer in restoring proper hormonal balance.
Dr. Michael T Murray
Coauthor: The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
I highly recommend this book! PCOS is a topic that is past due for global attention and clarity, and Dr. McCulloch’s book delivers on these needs. 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS helps readers understand if PCOS may be the hidden cause behind their weight gain, hair loss, or missed cycles. It will also help them understand why they are afflicted and give them a path back to health. The recommendations given are safe, well-balanced, and evidence-based, and they come from Dr. McCulloch’s clinical experience and extensive research. The steps outlined also serve as an excellent guide for those with metabolic syndrome or prediabetes.
Dr. Alan Christianson
Author: The Adrenal Reset Diet (New York Times best-selling)
I was impressed by the comprehensive and integrative approach that Dr. McCulloch has achieved in this book, which will help women with this complex endocrinological disorder. Medicine’s understanding of PCOS has come a long way in the last three decades, and Dr. McCulloch has grasped that evolution and embraced our modern scientific understanding of PCOS, including the science and importance of natural medicine in treatment strategies for PCOS
Dr. Tori Hudson
Author: Women’s Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
Dr. McCulloch has done an impeccable job at capturing the whole picture of PCOS, including the emotional effects that are so commonly experienced throughout the journey. This book clearly and thoroughly outlines a step-by-step process that can be easily followed. 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS is a must-have resource for women with PCOS, clinicians working with women’s hormones or the emotional impact of having PCOS, and mothers of teenage daughters who may be experiencing symptoms related to PCOS. Knowledge is empowering, and Dr. McCulloch provides the knowledge and guides us through the actions necessary to grab hold of our life and turn it around!
Dr. Julia Sen