Thyroid and Fertility Seminar | Naturopathic Thyroid Info

Last month, I provided a seminar through a summit (The Joyfully Pregnant Fertility Summit) which included talks and interviews from several experts on a variety of fertility topics. My topic focused on the naturopathic viewpoint on the function of the thyroid in fertility and pregnancy. If you’ve read our other blog posts on this topic, you probably know that the thyroid plays an extremely important role in healthy fertility. As part of my naturopathic practice, I often see overlooked thyroid disorders that are likely the key component of a woman’s difficulties in conceiving, or recurrent miscarriages. In many cases, unless the thyroid condition is well outside of the outdated ranges for TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), the praoblem is not even picked up. It’s important to know the ranges of thyroid function for fertility and pregnancy, because the demand for thyroid hormone and iodine is increased in pregnancy.

My “Thyroid and Fertility : What You Need to Know” talk was approximately an hour in length and included a powerpoint slide presentation. The talk detailed how and why the thyroid plays such a big role in fertility, what to look for on lab tests when it comes to optimal ranges for TSH, Free T3, Reverse T3, Free T4 and Antithyroid antibodies, goitrogenic foods, and how much of a concern they really are, how Hashimoto’s differs from other thyroid diseases, and the adrenals and how they relate to thyroid function.

I also talked about environmental toxins and how they affect the thyroid.

Thyroid and Fertility Podcast: Where to get a Copy

The seminar series was free during the Joyfully Pregnant Summit, however you can still get a recorded copy if you’d like at this link for a small fee.

You can also listen to the Q/A after the summit here which is free.