If you are wondering about how PCOS relates to cardiovascular health, wonder no more! I recently was interviewed by the esteemed Sasha Ottey of the PCOS Challenge Radio Show. The topic was cardiovascular disease, hormones and PCOS and natural medicine. The show can be listened to for free here.

It’s well known that women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome have an increased risk for a variety of different cardiovascular diseases including hypertension, high cholesterol, arterosclerosis and more…and the risk does NOT decrease when a woman reaches menopause. In fact, research shows that women with PCOS continue to be at high risk for cardiovascular disease throughout their lives, and these risks begin piling up when they are young. So, it’s time to take action now!

During the show Sasha and I discussed the particular risks that women who have PCOS will face when it comes to cardiovascular health, as well as different nutritional and natural treatment methods to help prevent and reverse the condition. We also discussed how to tell if you are at particular risk for cardiovascular disease if you have PCOS, and how to reduce those risk factors and improve overall circulatory health. Lab testing to request, and different hormonal markers to know about we part of the episode.

We hope that you enjoy the show!

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