Dr. Fiona Interviewed on Coveteur Magazine: “WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN GOING OFF THE BIRTH CONTROL PILL” – Dr Fiona McCulloch

It’s 2016. And one of the most important issues of today for women, especially after being thwarted into the spotlight in light of some not-so-favorable political outcomes, is birth control. Now more than ever, we’re thinking about and reconsidering the best form of contraceptive for us (because each one of us is different, with different needs). But whether or not the election of a certain over-tanned reality TVstar is the catalyst for why you’re deciding to switch to an IUD or stop taking the pill altogether, or it’s about your health, or you’re thinking about having a baby, we wanted to give you a few facts. So we consulted a doctor (as you should too, before making any changes), Dr. Fiona McCulloch, N.D., to find out what we can expect when deciding to go off the pill.

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