Dr. Fiona McCulloch Interview on PCOS DIVA (PODCAST) – Dr Fiona McCulloch

8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS [Expert interview]

There is no pill that can cure PCOS. Why not? PCOS is a very complex metabolic condition. No two women have exactly the same PCOS symptoms, though there are a few common factors we all share. Dr. Fiona McCulloch, one of my favorite PCOS physicians and thought leaders, has written a new book outlining 8 factors to consider and address in order to best treat your PCOS. Listen in as she explains:

  • The single most important factor in healing PCOS
  • Exactly why extremely restrictive diets can never work for women with PCOS
  • What the Insulin Index is and why is it more helpful than the Glycemic Index
  • Why women with PCOS are better off without dairy
  • The right way to snack and structure meals a snack combination to absolutely avoid

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