Speaking at IFS 2016 – Dr Fiona McCulloch

I had another wonderful time speaking at the IFS Symposium in beautiful Vancouver BC this year. After an eventful trip over, where the flight was overbooked and I almost didn’t make it on the plane, I was the last person to get a seat. Feeling relieved, I boarded the plane, excited to get to Vancouver and spend some time relaxing in my room before speaking. Once I arrived after the 6 hour flight, I went to get my luggage and lo and behold, it was not there! I was wearing my Ecco casual shoes (comfy, but certainly not good to speak in) and super casual attire. I went to my hotel, but fortunately the day was saved and my luggage ended up being delivered to the hotel the next day in time for me to give my lecture!

It was another sold out symposium, and I was fortunate to be able to speak in the largest lecture hall again!

I was speaking alongside some phenomenal speakers, including Dr. Paul Turek, Dr. Minjarez from Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Timea Belej-Rac, Dr. Paul Magarelli, Dr. Randine Lewis, Jill Blakeway and more!

I Spoke on two Topics:

  • Thyroid – A Functional Medicine Approach

During my thyroid talk, I covered the regulation of thyroid hormone production as well as the cellular effects of thyroid hormones. I detailed how to read the full thyroid panel, and talked much about individuality in thyroid hormone prescription. I showed the cell and how the ability to uptake and diffuse thyroid hormone creates individual need for thyroid hormone.

  • Ovulatory Disorders – Resetting the Cycle

Here I provided an understanding of the key concepts surrounding ovulatory dysfunction including conditions such as hypothalamic amenorrhea (including stress), PCOS, adrenal androgen excesses (Non classical CAH), hyperprolactinemia and thyroid dysfunction. I discussed new concepts in neuro-endocrinology with a thorough discussion of Vitex. I covered science-based clinical nutrition and functional medicine treatments of these common disorders and included some clinical pearls, too!

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