8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS (Book Review) – Dr Fiona McCulloch

So proud to share this book review from my colleague Amy Medling, a true leader and pioneer in the PCOS world online. Amy, also known as PCOS Diva, runs one of the first blogs I read on PCOS and she’s been a consistent, trusted source of information ever since. I was fortunate enough to meet Amy in person this September at the PCOS Challenge Symposium and she was such a lovely, warm and caring lady! We had many laughs and some great discussions.

Amy’s review of 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS

“It has been a decade since a book entirely dedicated to PCOS was published. That book, The Patient’s Guide to PCOS, by Dr. Walter Futterweit was my guidebook in the year after my diagnosis. (Listen to my inaugural PCOS Diva podcast with Dr. Futterweit.)

I am thrilled that the dry spell has been broken with the release of Dr. Fiona McCulloch’s 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS. I have been waiting 10 years for this book! It is high time that the latest research and understanding of PCOS be presented in book format for the patient community, and Dr. Fiona is the perfect practitioner to accomplish this task.

I followed Dr. Fiona for several years before I interviewed her for the PCOS Diva podcast in 2013 and invited her to guest post as well. Since then, she has written many articles for PCOS Diva on topics ranging from NAFLD to leaky gut, folates and adrenal health. What I loved about Dr. Fiona and still do, is her ability to dive deeply into the science and studies surrounding PCOS. She is on top of the latest research and trends and is able to analyze and articulate the findings so a lay person and patient can understand the significance. | Read More on PCOS Diva.

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