PCOS Awareness Month Quotes – Dr Fiona ND

We have created this series of graphics for PCOS Awareness month. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is the number one endocrine disorder in women of reproductive age, and is the leading cause of infertility. At White Lotus we have treated thousands of women with

PCOS over the years and we have a very personal connection with this condition as some of us have lived with it ourselves!

Each day we will post a new graphic to support awareness for this PCOS! They will all be listed in this blog post.

  • 1 Out of 10 Women have Pcos
  • Pcos is the Number 1 Cause of Female lnfertility
  • It's Not All About the Cysts! Many Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Don't Even Have Ovarian Cysts. PCOS Is a Hormonal Disorder That Affects a Woman's Whole Body.
  • Many Women With PCOS Live With the Effects of Too Much Testosterone and other Androgens.
  • A Woman's Ovulation Can Be Delayed or Completely Stopped by PCOS
  • Many Women with PCOS Have Insulin Resistance which Disrupts Healthy Metabolism
  • PCOS is a Genetic Condition and Runs in Families. Even Men Carry the Genes for PCOS.
  • Many Women With PCOS Have Low Self-Esteem Anxiety and Depression. Send your Friends with PCOS Some Extra Love and Kindness.
  • Losing Weight Can be More Difficult for Women With PCOS Due To Hormonal Factors. Don\'t say \
  • Many Women with Moderate to Severe Acne Actually Have PCOS.
  • PCOS can Cause Hirsutism: The Growth of Hair On Places like the Face  Abdomen and Chest. This is a Stressful And Costly  Problem For Many Women With PCOS
  • Women With PCOS Have \
  • PCOS Can Cause Significant Hair Loss. A Powerful Form of Testosterone, Called DHT is the Cause.
  • As Women With PCOS Get Older Their Chances For Pregnancy May Increase. The Reproductive Peak For PCOS is Often Later!
  • Women With PCOS Are At Increased Risk for Hashimoto\'s Disease, An Autoimmune Condition that Causes Hypothyroidism
  • PCOS Increases The Risk For Type 2 Diabetes Later In Life
  • Research has Found that Women With PCOS May Have Advantages In Muscle Strength
  • PCOS  Increases the Risk for Dangerous Blood Clots.
  • When a Woman with PCOS Becomes Pregnant, She is More Likely To Have Gestational Diabetes
  • A Reduced Carbohydrate, Low Glycemic Index or Paleo Diet Can Be Beneficial For Women With PCOS
  • PCOS Can Cause High Cholesterol And Especially High Triglycerides
  • The Ovaries and The Adrenals Develop From the Same Tissue In Embryos. In Women with PCOS Excess Testosterone  Often Comes From Both Of These Sources
  • PCOS Can Cause Dark Pigmentation In the Folds of the Skin and Skin Tags.
  • PCOS Does Not Go Away At Menopause. Metabolic Effects  and Cardiovascular Risks Continue Through Life
  • Women With PCOS Score High On Visual-Spatial Cognition Tests
  • Progesterone Deficiency is Common In PCOS. This Causes Headaches, Miscarriages Fatigue, Low Libido, Anxiety and Depression
  • There Are Four Major Phenotypes Of PCOS. Women with PCOS Are Unique!
  • Women with PCOS Can Be Of Any Body Type!
  • Exercise Is An Effective Therapy For PCOS-related Insulin Resistance. Abdominal Muscle Contractions During Exercise  Can Even Improve Ovulation Rates!
  • 50% of Women With PCOS Don\'t Know They Have It. Awareness is Key to Help Women Get Support Early!

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