PCOS Awareness Symposium 2016 Mini Blog – Dr Fiona McCulloch

Releasing a book has been such a great experience – one of the most important stops I made on my book tour was to visit the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia for the biggest event in PCOS annually – the PCOS Challenge Symposium! Over this fantastic weekend, I met some of the most well-known researchers and physicians in PCOS (Katherine Sherif Felice Gersh and Mark Perloe), as well as some phenomenal patient advocates and bloggers, like PCOS Diva and Ashley Levinson.

I did a talk to a full room on “Lean PCOS – Beyond Weight Loss” and was part of the panels on Integrative Medicine and the PCOS Precision Medicine Project that I am working with Sonya Satveit of Open Source Health on. What an awesome experience!

On the Sunday, I participated in the 5k bolt for PCOS – in the Georgia heat this was no minor feat, especially after publishing a book and not exercising as much as I should. Time to hit the gym again.

Please check below for some great footage of the event and see some pics of my book signing!

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